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Crypto users that frequently interact with new and existing platforms will likely receive an airdrop at some stage. Airdrops involve blockchain-based projects and developers sending out free tokens to members of their communities as part of a broader marketing initiative.

What Is a Crypto Airdrop?

Airdrops involve crypto projects sending free tokens en masse to their communities in a bid to encourage adoption. In most cases, a crypto airdrop is issued to users in exchange for completing a certain task. These tasks often involve things such as:

  •         Following an account on social media.
  •         Sharing or retweeting one of their posts, including hashtags.
  •         Sending or receiving a transaction (using a particular crypto platform or wallet).
  •         Creating an account and signing up to receive updates.

 How do crypto airdrops work and are they safe?

There are multiple ways to conduct a crypto airdrop:

  • Have users complete one or multiple small social tasks to qualify for receiving the airdrop at a later date.
  • Automatically distribute tokens to holders of a particular asset or balance on the blockchain where the airdrop will occur. (For instance, every address with a balance of 0.01 ether or higher gets the airdrop.)
  • Taking a blockchain snapshot at a previous date and letting users claim their airdrop tokens from the project’s website through a smart contract.

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