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Analytical review is an auditing procedure that uses ratios to determine whether any significant changes have taken place.

Advantages of an Analytical Review

Analytical reviews can be quite useful for spotlighting general areas in which financial statements are incorrect or where transactions have been misclassified. Once the analysis identifies areas of concern, the auditor must conduct a further investigation to pinpoint the source of the underlying problem.

Seeking to provide business intelligence and peer-group insight, each report is published based on the findings of original quantitative and/or qualitative research and analysis.

  • Quantitative surveys
  • Qualitative research

The review frame of Parabolic Tech

  • Smart Contract Audit
  • Whitepaper verification
  • Vulnerability Management

We always seek the point where the review will be an asset for you.

  • Are the main needs clearly and consistently transmitted throughout making a review?
  • How valid and original is the scientific positioning that is being asked?
  • Is the data convincing?
  • Are the conclusions warranted?


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