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The Asia Promotions Initiative works to raise awareness, build capacity and encourage the uptake of PEFC certification throughout Asia. We deliver these ambitious objectives through the Initiative’s office in Beijing, China; PEFC International staff based in Southeast Asia; nine PEFC national members in Asia; and several International stakeholder members.


Having a marketing plan can help companies successfully do business in Japan. Trade promotion and advertising can be key components of a marketing plan. In addition to traditional promotion and advertising channels, digital marketing, and social media offer many opportunities. Japan is a trendsetter in social media and digital marketing continues to grow, offering a vast array of online promotion opportunities

What does every business need to know to successfully promote their product or service in Japan?

  •         Understand the Japanese market
  •         Hire an expert Japanese digital marketer
  •         Localize everything into native Japanese
  •         Create Japanese personas for your campaigns
  •         Create a Japan-specific marketing plan and calendar


The China market became more important than ever for brands around the world. Using Social Media in China is one of the keys to success in the country. In China, more than anywhere else, Chinese users spend more time online and because of that, companies have to deepen their knowledge about social media networks. Use cultural icons to create a buzz and get the trust of Chinese consumers by using digital marketing in China. Influencers are the way to go for digital marketing in China!


If you are new to the Korean market, you probably are very interested in how to set up the right marketing strategy for your company. You may be interested in Korean customers’ behaviors, marketing platforms, and Korean advertising style. In this blog post, we will help you to get a sense of the Korean market and its customers based on our previous and current marketing campaigns.

Increased investment in digital channels

With an economy at the cutting edge of new technology, the Koreans are very well connected to the digital world (social media, websites, blogs, etc.) using an array of devices (computers, tablets, mobiles). Promotional activities via these channels must therefore form an integral part of event communication strategy. 


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