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Bitcointalk.org is a cryptocurrency forum that is one of the major sources of information related to the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin. Satoshi Nakamoto, the original Bitcoin developer, founded the forum in 2009 where most new cryptocurrencies announce their establishment, important upgrades, and events.Bitcoin can be a daunting thing to learn about. It involves the study of several different fields, from computer science to economics. At Bitcoin Magazine, we always hope to be able to educate our readers on the basics of Bitcoin. We offer a guides section and have a large selection of books in our store.

Parabolic Tech  knows how to deal with this large community :

  • Strategy Development- Bounty or Airdrop Design
  • Content Creation:- Attract authentic independent promotion maker
  • Implementing growth : Follow up the daily and weekly participation
  • Monitoring : Find out cheating or negative karma issue and solve it
  • Reporting : Sort out the final report and allocating reward to getting root reputation

What Parabolic Tech  have ?

  • Inhouse specialists
  • Unique content
  • Result orientation
  • Complete-service

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