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Blockchain technology is revolutionizing how hiring agencies and employers view and consider potential candidates. For recruiters, reading and looking through resumes is a long and arduous task. It involves a fair amount of verifying education, certifications, work experience, and applicant skills. Imagine now if those same resumes were in a blockchain.

Once information is entered into a blockchain, it cannot be edited. Users can only add information, and even then it must be approved by those with access to the chain.

When put in the context of recruitment, the path is clear. Once a person creates a blockchain resume, it cannot be altered. This gives recruiters a chance to verify a candidate’s credentials securely. It also reduces the chances those credentials can be altered or faked. Put simply, it impairs the ability of a person to exaggerate or flat out lie on their resumes.

The Solution of Parabolic Tech

With blockchain offering both the candidate and employer or recruiter secure access to authenticated records, applications can now be viewed in real-time with access that relies on the candidate’s consent.

These validated credentials include some of the most important details you need to know about your potential hire, including (but not limited to) their: 

  • Academic history
  • Records of employment
  • Driver’s abstract/ motor vehicle records
  • Criminal background check
  • Professional designations (licenses and certifications)

By using the Parabolic Tech advanced system, you can effortlessly check your candidates’ information to find candidates you can trust, and make your hiring easier for everyone involved.

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