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Copyright provides a helpful means of protecting original content. It serves to give people credit for the work they do, which is something we can all appreciate. Therefore, if you ever consider copying someone else’s content, think of how it would make you feel if someone copied your original work and published it as their own. If you ever would like to use another person’s content, make sure to ask the author for permission first. And always give credit where credit is due.

Exceptions to Copyright

Despite the blanket protection of ownership that copyright provides, in certain circumstances, the creator might not be the owner. For example, under the concept of “work for hire”, the agreement in regards to creating something for a person or a company usually stipulates that true ownership lies with them. Additionally, this also extends to certain companies’ agreements taking full ownership of whatever their employees create ‘on the side’ during their employment.

Why do Content Creators Need Copyright?

“Content Creator” describes a specialist who contributes information to an audience through digital media. This covers posting to blogs, writing news, producing videos, posting on social media, and even writing emails. Content creators can be video editors, multimedia artists, influencers, or even celebrities.

Content creation, however, is more complicated than simply posting a design on Instagram and gathering attention. It’s professional work that requires both creativity and analytical thinking in determining what kind of content to put out. For example, a content creator handles creating and scheduling art that will appeal to a target market.

Because of this, content creators dedicate a lot of time to proper planning and execution. The content creator’s hard work would be worthless if someone else copies their work and earns more than them. This is where intellectual property rights serve importance to content creators.

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