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As cryptocurrency gains more followers, platforms such as Telegram, Reddit, and Discord have risen in popularity as well, being major driving forces in crypto evangelism.Discord is gradually growing into a beehive for crypto communities as it accommodates hundreds of subchannels for crypto enthusiasts. While there are several crypto Discord groups, the primary aim is to create a common ground where members can talk about cryptocurrency with one another.

More so, because most of these Discord groups are project-centric, they tend to focus on a niche aspect of the crypto industry. However, several others also cater to diverse crypto-related topics ranging from DeFi, to NFT, Metaverse, and many more. In this article, we will list some of the best cryptocurrency Discord groups to join.

How does Discord work?

Discord allows people to host a chat room on what it refers to as ‘servers’. By hosting on the server, a chat host can send an invite to other people who can join the group via a sharable link.

Also, by joining the chat room, members can invite others, and interact with each other using text or voice chat. Technically, the app combines the voice chat feature of services like Skype, with the text feature of internet relay chat (IRC) and messaging services like WhatsApp.

Why Discord?

Aside from being an invite-only channel, Discord offers one of the best feedback systems, and also allows for customization. Notably, each community bunches a collection of distinct channels, to which people can be invited or join based on preference.

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