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PancakeSwap is the leading automated market maker protocol for Binance Smart Chain (BSC). PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange(DEX) providing a marketplace for liquidity providers, traders, and farmers of BEP-20 tokens. PancakeSwap started as an imitation of SushiSwap; based on the model where users provide liquidity to the exchange in return for high APY yields on for example Syrup and FLIP tokens.

Why Do You Need a PancakeSwap Listing?

Any project that wants to access the immense amounts of liquidity of the DeFi market has to have a listing on PancakeSwap. The mere fact that a project has PancakeSwap listing is already a gateway for its users to start using the project’s native token as an asset in the platform’s liquidity pools in opposition to other assets for the purpose of generating passive income. This in itself ensures turnover of the project’s token and liquidity as a result.

In addition to gaining access to liquidity, PancakeSwap listing is a surefire way of boosting a project’s credibility among users. Considering the stringent requirements to list a token on PancakeSwap, users can be sure that a project has passed verification and can be trusted, meaning it is not a scam.

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