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Over the past few years, the popularity of podcasts has grown enormously. So, using podcasts for marketing is a strong way of establishing brand communication. Podcast listening numbers have increased 42% globally and more and more people are discovering content via this medium. It’s a great place for advertisers to reach a more tech-savvy, educated consumer.

What is Podcast Marketing? 

Podcast marketing is the act of marketing yourself, the products you sell, or your services by creating and distributing unique audio content.Free content is shared with listeners to influence and inform them about how your products or services can benefit them or their industry without being overly promotional.

Why Need Podcasts for Your Business?

While many podcasts are created for pure entertainment purposes, others are niche and business-focused. There is a significant, untapped market need for informative, niche podcasts for nearly every industry. However, keep an eye on your marketing analytics to ensure your podcast delivers on leads and inquiries so that you don’t overinvest. Here are six reasons why businesses need to take advantage of podcast marketing for businesses or organizations.

  • Fewer Competitors, Better ROI
  • Targeted Access to a Specific Audience
  • Immunity to Ad Avoidance
  • High Audience Engagement
  • Brand-Building and Story-Telling Capabilities
  • Opportunities for Cross-Promotion

Parabolic Tech Facilitates Podcasts

Parabolic Tech is a branded podcast marketing and production agency. Our goal is to facilitate connections between brands and trusted resources to better inspire, educate, engage, and of course, entertain audiences everywhere.

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