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Smart Contract the techno wizardry familiar as the backbone of any blockchain development. A set of integrated rules, regulation which will be automatically solved when certain given criteria become true. Parabolic Tech is the wizard of making an acceptable and popular smart contract. We can assure 3 things when developing a Smart Contract.

  • Security
  • Accuracy
  • Transparency

On the ongoing techno revolution three types of smart contracts has been deployed:

  • Independent Smart Contract
  • Smart legal contracts
  • Application Logic Contracts (Complex Smart Contracts)

Parabolic Tech has created a way from its journey which makes the smart contract development process easier and client friendly.

  • Reach out the business logic and requirements
  • Framing the architecture of smart contract
  • Create the Smart Contract
  • Testing and solving following the audit report
  • Implementation on blockchain

If you already created a smart contract but now facing trouble Parabolic Tech can back-up you with:

  • Implementation of upgraded platform for cutting the costing
  • Adding escrow for solving the transparency issues
  • Lining the custom function for increasing acceptability

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