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Attribution refers to the rules that determine how your marketing assets and channels receive credit for converting visitors into contacts and customers. 

Marketing attribution is the practice of evaluating the marketing touchpoints a consumer encounters on their path to purchase. The goal of attribution is to determine which channels and messages had the greatest impact on the decision to convert or take the desired next step. There are several popular attribution models used by marketers today, such as multi-touch attribution, lift studies, time decay, and more.

Why is Marketing Attribution Important?

Advanced marketing attribution programs require marketing teams to aggregate and normalize consumer data from across channels to ensure each interaction is properly weighted.

To achieve the level of data granularity required for effective attribution, marketing teams need advanced analytics platforms that can accurately and efficiently distill big data into person-level insights that can be used for in-campaign optimizations.

Benefits of  Accreditation & Attribution Tracking

  • Optimized Marketing Spend
  • Increased ROI
  • Improved Personalization
  • Improve Product Development
  • Optimized Creative

Reasons to be with Parabolic Tech:

  • Ultimate Security
  • Total Accountability
  • Strong Attribution
  • Better Digital Evidence
  • Forensic Auditability
  • Infinite scalability

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