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A whitepaper is a marketing and sales tool and document used by businesses to explore a particular subject matter related to its product or service and to generate sales leads.In business, a white paper is an informational document circulated by a company that deeply explores a specific topic, problem, or solution relevant to the business. Companies can also use whitepaper to announce new products or services to the general public. They can be distributed via an internet landing page that may be promoted through a blog post, podcast, paid marketing, or organic search engine traffic.

The motto of a white paper is for businesses to promote their products or services to new customers, stakeholders, and decision-makers. A good white paper engages and educates a business’s given clientele with in-depth information that does the work for the customer. By addressing a specific topic relevant to its industry and the larger world, a white paper can establish a business as an authority on a specific topic in the public eye.

Types of White Papers

All white papers are data-based documents that may contain information gathered from original research, external academic research, and case studies. However, the different types of white papers organize the narrative in slightly divergent ways.

  • Backgrounders: 
  • Problem/solution papers: 
  • Numbered lists: 

What Makes a Good Whitepaper?

Technically, there are no minimum requirements for whitepapers. But Parabolic Tech thinks that to follow the most requirements that a whitepaper should follow-

  • Length- Standard length always engages the content
  • Structure- Standard structure always attracts more audience/clients
  • Density -Standard density always have the quality of information 
  • Format- Standard format is always followed by competitors
  • Style- Standard style always makes it Unique! 

How does Parabolic Tech Produce Whitepaper for a Business, Company, or Organization?

Parabolic uses white papers to highlight problems or issues advertisers and agencies face when placing their advertising.  Our goal is to add value to the relationships we have with our partners and educate them on how to maximize their resources and increase their business efficiencies.

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