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Build and manage all your social media channels in one single trustworthy place. Our team covers communities on all known and appreciated social media platforms. Discord Community, Twitter Community, Telegram Community and more. It is assuring you that it will boost your blockchain communitywide gives your brand a more human voice that allows for actual relationship building while navigating complaints, advocacy-building, influencer connections, networking with brands, and gaining feedback. It also allows for brands to have a voice in any conversation happening about their brand, so they can be a calm voice in the comments section.

The idea is to create a strong network with the brand at the center, making the brand invaluable in the process while allowing the managers to help shape the narrative of the brand itself along the way.

Why is community management important?

Community management is crucial for small businesses, especially those that are making a name for themselves biggest advantage is the ability to make your brand “bigger” than just your brand, product, or service to your customers chance to gain new ideas and feedback from your customers and audience members through direct conversations

  • Offers support when it’s needed
  • Boosts product and brand awareness amongst your target audience
  • Gains new insight into your audience’s needs, expectations, and motivations
  • Increases the number of interactions, conversions, and sales within your brand

What does Parabolic Tech’s Community Manager do?

  • Planning, scheduling, and publishing communication and social media campaigns
  • Strategizing about new community-building initiatives
  • Responding to customers promptly
  • Organizing and managing events to boost brand awareness and recognition
  • Coordinating with marketing, PR, sales, development, events, and communications teams
  • Track, monitor, analyze, and report on feedback, online reviews, and engagement-focused data
  •  Work on relationship building one-on-one with customers, industry professionals, and members of the media who can help boost your brand

Social media management requires more than posting self-promotional content, such as product and service announcements. It’s all about building relationships and creating a loyal following. If you don’t feel confident in executing a management strategy, then let’s get in contact and chat about our community management service. Our Parabolic Tech team of experts can craft a community management strategy for your campaigns, especially to help your brand come out of this pandemic on top.

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